2010 Grammy’s Gowns

One more year, one more award ceremony. This time, the 2010 Grammy’s.

Every year people choose the best and the worst dressed and this year wasn’t an exception.  In Sequin Gown, I’ll tell who where, in my opinion, the best and the worst at the Grammy’s.

Some of the dresses were strange and some of them were truly ugly.

Here’s Beyoncé and her mermaid style gown. I guess some of the biggest problems of this Stephane Rolland dress are the fabric,  the texture and the front zipper. The colour doesn’t help either. Nevertheless, Beyoncé changed three times and I liked the second dress.

I confess I’m starting to get used to love Lea Michelle’s taste when it comes to award gowns. I loved the black one she used at the Golden Globes, and I also like this one. She continues to prefer dark tones rather than colourful ones, but this time she chose to show some legs and I think she looked very graceful in this dress.

OOOOhhh…Lady GaGa…what can I say? I mean…REALLY? Remember when I said some of the dresses were strange? This one is certainly one of those.

The bridal-inspired gowns still on top and Keri Hilson wore one of my favorite. This drapped mermaid style dress is simply gorgeous and the colour goes real good with her skin.

Nicole Kidman seemed quite older with this long gown. I like her hair with this darker tone altough I prefer to see her blond and the dress, which certainly was supposed to favor her height and slim line made her look older and little glamorous, in my opinion.

Now here’s Britney Spears. This see-through lace dress is too obvious (I know that’s what see-throughs are for) and let me see more than I could handle. Even the Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit could save her. Not only she doesn’t have the body for it but also this dress doesn’t seem to be the most appropriate to the ceremony. Maybe she was thinking to use it in one of her shows. She was one of the worst dressed of the night.

And last, because I didn’t wanted to leave you with Britney’s image, here’s fairytale Heidi Klum and her long sleeve sequin minidress. I wouldn’t even changer her hair. The jewelry was Pucci and Lorraine Schwartz and the sandals were Jimmy Choo.

I still can’t believe she is a recent mother!

Feel free to leave your opinion.:)


One thought on “2010 Grammy’s Gowns

  1. When Taylor Swift managed to get into a blue sequinned gown for ‘Today was a fairytale’ Grammy Awards, why not include her own style?

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