Victoria’s Secret for Valentine’s Day

So here’s a few proposals from Victoria’s Secret for you to spice things up on Valentine’s Day. These pieces were made for this special occasion. I  don’t usually celebrate it, but this year I think I’ll go to a concert. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret for Valentine’s Day

  1. José Campos says:

    Como eu adoro o teu blog xD

  2. Nathaniel says:

    RESPONSE to do fashion bloggers wear PRADA

    Amen sister…

    i agree, blogging is fast becoming a powerful well reconized element to fashion and weather we are paid “professionals” or not we are entitled to an opinion, and rether than majour publications getting PAID to sell us advise on whats hot ill rather seek a more genuine opinion VIA BLOGGs,

    excuse the spelling 1.19 am real tired.

    GREAT POST… WOW ***** 5 stars.

    yours N.

  3. Thanks to visit and following Fashion Heroines. I’m very glad to have you as a fan.
    I love your blog too and I will come back soon.

    Best Regards
    Fashion heroines

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