Blanco 2010 Spring Collection

So, after Zara and H&M, I bring you Blanco‘s 2010 Spring Collection featuring the beautiful 21 year-old model Marloes Horst. Blanco has a very casual very youthful collection, as you can see.

Shorts have already stated as a must-have piece for the next season, so we can find them in different colours and fabrics in this collections. With ballerinas, knee-boots or sandals, you cannot leave them at home in the Spring. Use them with a long t-shirt or a navy style sweat (also very trendy) and wear a trench to protect from cold.

Blanco’s new collection highlighted horizontal stripes and bubbles as you can see. I think the coat from the third pic is adorable and I loved the dress from the first one.

I am a bit suspect to talk about Blanco’s skirts because I loved all the skirts from the past season. I was hoping to see a bit more denim skirts (I really want a denim skirt!), but I am OK with the one from the first pic.

The skirt from the second picture is very romantic and so is the fifth. This is probably because of the soft pink, first in the skirt, then in the cardigan, respectively.

The thirth look is probably one of the most chic and on the other side, the fourth look is a very cute and somehow hippie chic.

The “dresses section” contains two of the darker looks in the collection. Although, here’s the beige, also one of the more trendy colours for Spring. A little note on the sandals from the first and the last pic, which are very pretty and the yellow cardigan which gives a touch of colour to the second look.

Just like the shorts (and the skirts), the knee-boots go also very well with dresses whether it’s day or night, of course, depending on the occasion.

Finally, the pants. I am a big fan of the hook down pants, altough they don’t define the silhouette as well as skinny or leggings, I like the way they fit.

The jeans are very similar, always with the double hem. There’s not much to say about jeans, you can use them almost every day, as long as you know how to match them with the top piece.

I like the trench from the first pic (I’m starting to think I’m a trench addicted). 🙂

One last note about the scarves, which are almost in every look. I like this last one, black. Very simple, looks good whith a blouse and a cardigan.


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