Fashion Wonderland (#2)

So, after Vogue‘s editorial, today it is the jewelry and make-up day.

Clothes designers and magazines weren’t the only ones to create something related to the Tim Burton‘s movie or Alice in Wonderland. When challenged to reinvent the Alice in Wonderland world, Stella McCartney, Tom Binns, Swarovski and the cosmetics brand Urban Decay didn’t say no.

The merchandise attached to the movie is never-ending.

Stella McCartney, designed a limited edition jewelry: a necklace and a bracelet. The two pieces, already available in her stores, are made of two light gold brass chains with charms, representing images inspired in the tale. Each charm contains Swarovski crystal pearls.

The necklace costs $425.00 (312€) and the bracelet $395.00 (290€).

Swarovski is also debuting the “Underland” spring/summer collection based, of course, in Alice. The collection, which contains the two pieces down here, consists in 17 pieces, including necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants.

Cotton reels, scissors, hearts and clubs are some of the charms you will find in this collection, such as a pocket watch.

The pieces go from $80 (58€) to $150 (110 €).

Tom Binns also participated in the challenge and created two jewelry ranges: one of them for Walt Disney Signature Collection (all the necklaces in the picture belong to this one), composed by six pieces and the other, composed by a 35 piece collection for Disney Couture.

The six pieces set is too expansive for most of us, I guess, since it goes from $1,000 (734 €) to $2,000 (1468€), but the other one is a bit more accessible with prices between $100 (73€) and $500(367€).

– The next picture belongs to a Disney Couture. It is a beautiful gold plated bracelet. The pendants represent the 4 suits of cards  and a little Alice. I think the bracelet  it is quite lovely.

– When it comes to cosmetics, the well-known american company Urban Decay created a eye shadows pallette which was named “The Book of Shadows“. The pallette has a surprise: when oppened, there’s a pop-up scene from the movie – Alice, surrounded by mushrooms – and behind all of this, there’s a mirror made to help you apply the colours.

Inside the box you will find 16 different eye shadow shades – all of them named with Alice inspired names, like White Rabbit, Jabberwocky and Oraculum – two pencils and an eye shadow primer little potion.

You can find this beautiful box in stores next month, cost: £28 (about 32€).

– But, if you are more into lipsticks, you have these Paul & Joe “Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition” , which will be released on 25th February at ASOS and on 6th March at Harrods (London). This is not the first time the label creates something inspired by Disney.

These two lipsticks, give your lips a discreet and smooth colour and are also hydrating. Fantasy is the name of the pale pink one, Daydream is the name of the orange.

Beyond the lipsticks, the package also contains a blotting paper (with mirror) for shine control and blotting paper refills.


*Due to the Joss Stone concert, which I will be seing in Lisbon tomorrow, probably at this time, I won’t be able to post tomorrow. The 3rd part of the Fashion Wonderland comes Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I promise there will be photos of the concert. 🙂


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