Mind, body and soul – Joss Stone

As told, I went to the Joss Stone concert live in Lisbon, last monday. I loved it from beginning to end: her voice is just perfect and warm, her back vocal singers were amazing and the saxophonist was an excelent musician. In short, she’s got a great band. It was…did I say amazing already?

But I’m not here to tell you what a great singer she is, I’m here to talk about fashion.

The artist didn’t changed clothes, once the concert didn’t have intervals, but when she arrived on stage she was at the same time very natural and sexy. She always sings barefoot, because she’s afraid to fall on stage, and that gave me the idea that she was a bit hippie, altought when she came on stage, barefoot again, she looked anything but hippie. And gosh, she is tall!

She opted for black leather leggins and an animal print tank top in blue tones. Like I said she looked at the same time natural and sexy : the barefoot and the animal print  on her top made her look wild and savage, but at the same time that was a combination of clothing that she could use at home. Her long hair was down.

At the micro tripod was the usual scarf, where she hung all the necklaces and bracelets offered by the fans. And speaking of jewelry, the only thing I would change on her look was her earrings, which were too long and classic for the outfit and the colorful bracelet, which also didn’t match with the outfit.

The last five images were taken by me.


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