Flower Power and floral patterns

I never mention I much I looooove flowers. Sometimes, I even buy a bouquet for myself, I love their smell and the colours. Now we’re almost at the Spring time, one thing that makes me happy is thinking that soon trees will be covered with beautiful and colourful flowers.

Probably inspired by all the power the flowers  have on me, I went to a shopping and bought clothes…with floral patterns only.:)

So, here’s my brand new Mango dress with floral pattern and my new Zara skirt…floral of course.

(I promise there will be pics with me on them.)


One thought on “Flower Power and floral patterns

  1. Miss Pu says:

    heya girl!

    vi que participaste no desafio da chic para ganhar um convite para a TM Collection. só para avisar que, tb eu, estou a dar no Fashion Rules um convite para Ricardo Dourado!

    basta ir lá, tornares-te seguidora do blog e deixar um comment!

    aqui: http://fashionistaaddict.blogspot.com/

    good luck & hope u enjoy the blog 😉

    *** da miss pu

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