Lisbon Fashion Week review (I)

I know it’s been three days since Lisbon Fashion Week (ModaLisboa), but I didn’t have the time I needed to do a review.

Altough, as one of the few fashion events that happen in this country, I couldn’t avoid talking about it.

The serbian designer Aleksandar Protic presented his collection in the portuguese fashion week. Black (representing coal) and gold (representing the precious metal) were the main colours in a collection inspired in the work of a painter: Georgia O’Keeffe.

Alexandra Moura oppened the show with nude and black tones. The importance of the woman’s body was highlighted with slim and tight silhouettes. Tight pants and skirts above the knee are fulcral on her looks, just like socks.

The first day was closed by the double Alves.Gonçalves, by the sound of a David Bowie’s song “Young Americans”. The lines of the female body are highlighted in “simple structures”, as said by Manuel Gonçalves, one of the designers.

It was all zipped up: skirts, dresses and coats.

Lace, velvet, felt, satin and floral prints (which reminded me a lot about McQueen) marked Ana Salazar‘s parade. “Debug Excess” was the theme.

“He, She and Me” was the name of Dino Alves collection.

The fact that male models have appeared dressed as women made a lot of people ask what was his idea when creating this collection. He answered by saying that he picked up the male wardrobe and made women’s clothes. The kabuki japanese theatre, that consists in the representation of female roles by men was also a reason for all these boys wearing skirts.

Presenting his collection the last day, Filipe Faísca evoked the portuguese arrival in Japan: the confrontation between different civilizations is represented in the contrast of materials. I’d like to post all the pictures from his parade, because I loved many many pieces, especially the leggings.

The tangram, a chinese puzzle, inspired Katty Xiomara for this collection, that is the reason why the patterns have a big importance. Lots of fur details also.

The eccentricity of the 70’s and strict minimal of the 90’s is what Luís Buchinho was inspired by to create his fall/winter collection.

Miguel Vieira presented his collection on the 3rd day. He was probably the most portuguese between the portuguese ones. “Saudade”, a portuguese word that cannot be translated, but which is something close to miss something or someone (real bad) and the former currency, o “escudo” were the themes.

Dark blue, black and white were the main colours.


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