Lisbon Fashion Week review (II)

As you can see, this is the part II of the post below. I decided to put the designers in an alphabetical order and to divide this in two parts, because there’s a lot to talk about  ModaLisboa.

I finished in the letter M, now let’s move to the N.

Audrey, an invented parisian woman, between 20 and 30 years-old, who loves art deco and decides to go to New York to study architecture and find a new love, was Nuno Baltazar‘s inspiration. Trying to rejuvenate the brand, the designer ended up by creating a history and a woman. There’s definitely something very parisian about his collection. And the long black lace dress…OH MY GOD!It’s gorgeous!

Fantasy and high school looks were the basis for Pedro Pedro collection.

The main character of a Paul Morrisey’s trilogy, named Joe Dallessandro, which lived in the 70’s and has a grunge attitude is the inspiration of Ricardo Dourado for the Fall/Winter collection. Silver, gold and glitter are all about this character. Retro shapes and structures, fur and accessories related to religion marked a parade divided in 3 acts, 3 different moods.

That denim dress?Lovely!

Galaxian: futuristic; Souk: Muslim or Arab origin; Bazar: tight pants, long skirts – all together we have “Galaxian Souk Bazar“, Ricardo Preto theme for the A/W collection.  Mauve, rust and green are the main colours.

And this is it for ModaLisboa. Remember, this is only an overview, but there is much more to see in the Daily Moda Lisboa blog.


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