Fashion Heroines – Street Style Contest

Paula Lamares, from the fashion blog Fashion Heroines is about to create a digital fashion magazine called “HARD WEAR” . So, in order to fill the Street Style rubric, she is making a “Street Style Contest”. The rules are below.

1- Everyone can participate in this contest, but if you under 18 years should be given parental permission for publication of photographs in blog and online journal HARD WEAR.

2- Should be sent two photos (JPEG) per look, a whole body and another half body or face. All photos must be email to:

3- With the photos should be sent their photo credits and permission of the photographer to use the photo on the blog and online journal HARD WEAR.

4- It is reserved for FASHION HEROINES the choice of looks to be published and will not be published looks considered ‘with content for adults only.

5 – The best look of the month will be chosen from 5 selected looks which are the best look of each week.

6- The prize for the “best look of the month” will be an interview to be published in FASHION HEROINES or digital magazine HARD WEAR and a professional photo shoot in studio.

7 – They may be given other prizes and surprises duly announced by HEROINES FASHION or HARD WEAR, depending on the sponsors who join this contest each month.

8 – Attention: If the winner live outside Lisbon all the costs of sending gifts and travel to the photo studio will be borne by the winner.

9 – The competition will begin April 1, 2010 but the pictures can already be sent from now to indicated email.


The e-mail to which you should send the photos is writen on the rules, so what are you waiting for?:)


3 thoughts on “Fashion Heroines – Street Style Contest

  1. Thanks dear! Would you like to send me photos of you?

  2. I-m waiting your photos dear!

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