Fabric Trends – Spring/Summer 2010

Denim: it’s an undeniable fabric trend, something you’ve heard about year after year. But for the Spring season, you won’t be listening about denim jeans only. This year, denim is everywhere: skirts, jackets, blouses, dresses and even accessories. The secret is in the washes of the piece. From degradé to ripped trousers, everything is possible.

Use it with romantic frill or lace blouses for a romantic look, or with animal print sweats for a grunge look.

Below, Dolce & Gabbana adcampaign, which is full of beautiful denim clothes, two of my favourite denim outfits from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection and Pepe Jeans ad campaign with Alexa Chung.

Leather: it’s been one of the major trends for the Winter and it is here to stay. This time, it was reinvented for sunny and hot days, it’s lighter, to be used as a second skin. Sandy tones, like the ones used at Céline’s collection (first two pictures) or black, like Balenciaga, leather is indispensable.

Lace: this one is my favourite. If you want to look feminine, romantic and sexy at the same time, this is your fabric. Dresses, vests, sweaters, coats, pants, tops and skirts. Anything is possible when it comes to lace.

To a perfect look, match it with opaque fabrics.

Chanel (Haute Couture) and Givenchy were the masters of lace. While the first opted for lighter shades, Givenchy prefered dark colors like black and purple.


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