Portugal Fashion

Another edition of the Portugal Fashion has ended and instead of a whole review, this time I decided to make a list with my favourite things:

Ana Salazar and her printed leggings, reminds me McQueen.

This fur coat, by Elisabeth Teixeira

Fátima Lopes presented a collection with lots of black and leather, but this was my favourite outfit.

Luís Buchinho high-knee socks

Luís Onofre boots (or socks, if you wish) and suitcases – I loved their patterns and the shapes.

Good to know Red Oak is keeping the floral patterns for the Winter.

As always, Storytailers were the ones who made me dream higher with their collection. I loved everything, but these two dresses (very similar in colors, shapes and fabrics) were my favourite. They’re fairy tale…they’re Storytailers!


One thought on “Portugal Fashion

  1. Great post! I love your taste!

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