General 2010 Spring/Summer Trends

A lot has been said here about Spring/Summer trends, but this is certainly the most important post about the subject. After colorfabric and shape, this is an overall post, about the looks you’ll want to try this season.

Sports: a long time ago in the history of fashion, the sportive trend was related to the higher social classes. Initially designed especially for people who liked sports like tennis or golf, the trend soon was adapted and brought to the streets. Now it is on top again, as you could see from Alexander Wang (first pic) or Hermés (second pic)  collections.

Futurism and sci-fi: it was sort of “created” by McQueen and brought to the daylight in his futuristic patterns. This trend is mostly represented by patterns and colors.Metallic fabrics, robotic elements and poited shoulders are the biggest identifiers.

Alexander McQueen futuristic dress.

Lingerie as outwear: hot pants, babydolls, bras and socks… Any underwear is perfect and if you’re too shy, you can opt to use them under transparencies* or show just a little part (like a bit of lace from the bra). Mixed with satin sweats or other satin pieces, you’ll look perfect to go out at night.

*If you prefer transparencies, chiffon and organza are the right choice.

Abee Ley Kershaw was the cover of Vogue Russia in hot pants

Fendi and Marc Jacobs shows

Military: structured coats and military prints were some of the most seen spring/summer trends. Altought this trend is perfect for a casual look, you shall not wear only military look pieces, or you’ll look like a soldier or something. 🙂  Mix a coat with pieces in grey, bege and khaki and with skinny pants or leggings. Mix shorts with military shapes with romantic sweaters.

Cargo pants are a must-have

If you’re looking for military inspiration, Balmain is your biggest source.

Grunge: very popular in the 90’s and eternalized by the supermodel Kate Moss, the look contrasts to all the romantic trends, but still it was very seen in the catwalks for the season. There are a few things you must have, if you want to look grunge: washed-out or ripped pants (like Just Cavalli, below), vests, khaki coats, short skirts, shorts, chained necklaces and belts with metal applications.

Country: brought to the mainstream by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Liberty prints, lace, english embroidery  and floral prints are the features of this look. Of course clogs are mandatory.

Navy: well, this one is a classic. Marked by the tipical sailor look,  blue and white are the main colors, but it now appears combined differently, like black and white.

D&G and Louis Vuitton Summer ad campaigns.


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