Accessorize! – 2010 Spring/Summer trends

Have you wonder about which size your bags should be to be on top of the trends? Or what should be the length of your necklace?

Top trends for accessories:

1. Bags: when it comes to bags/handbags there is only one rule, which is there are no rules! Instead of matching the color of the bag with the clothing or shoes, it is preferable to contrast the color of the bag with these.

(Topshop‘s cross body blue bag)

If you like little bags, give preference to those with long straps/cross body.

Metal straps are in vogue.

Pastel tones are, of course, very appropriate.

Materials such as straw, feathers, fringe, plexiglass (like the ones from Prada collection) or leather are a must-have.

2.Clutches: whether little or big, it is definitely something you will use, especially at night. Two of my favorites, here: the first one is Nina Ricci, the second, McQueen.

3. Belts:  either slim for a ladylike shilhouette, like the picture (found here) or wider; either used in waist or the hip, belt is not a simple accessory, it is a must-have.

4. Shoes: especially high-heeled.

Ankle shoes (second pic), my favorite, from Nina Ricci collection.

Strips, as in Burberry and Fendi


Stilettos, like the ones we’ve seen in John Galliano collection.

Prints, as in Miu Miu

Peep toe booties and shoes

Sandals- these are Viktor & Rolf, and I love them

And, of course…clogs!

5. Necklaces and bracelets: when it comes to bracelets, the more, the better. Necklaces can be seen both attached to the neck or long. Pearls are the most widely used material.

6. Hair accessories: as said here, bow headbands are a major hair trend.


3 thoughts on “Accessorize! – 2010 Spring/Summer trends

  1. Those Viktor & Rolf sandals tickle my fancy too!

  2. shoes that tone your legs…

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