Chanel Iman – Vogue China June 2010

There is something about Chanel Iman that makes me love every pic she’s in. She has a great smile and she is all glow and shine. When I saw this Vogue China editorial, I knew I had to post it, especially because of her. Than I saw the whole pictures and I loved the styling of the shoot. Let’s take a look at it.

In this first pic she’s clearly using Balmain, of course you can tell by the shirt and the sequins on her pants. At first I wasn’t quite sure to like Balmain’s collection, but then I started to see it with different eyes. No one can do military style better than it!

The clogs…Chanel,of course! When I was younger, I remember I had a pair of clogs. They made such a loud noise because of the heelpiece, but I felt so grown up on them. This is probably the reason why, although I can’t imagine myself on a pair of new clogs, I liked the fact they were back.

Love Chanel’s hair in this pic.

Blue is a trendy color, that’s why it didn’t stay out Georgio Armani collection. This is probably the look I like less here.

Another of my favorite Spring/Summer collections is Chloé‘s: beige, black, army green and real great leather shorts made most part of the looks, like this one.

Dior: perfect combination here. The skirt with sparkling applications and the blazer match perfectly with the socks and the sandals. Plus, I’m a gray fan.

Louis Vuitton and clogs again. I don’t know what’s underneath the coat, but I’m guessing draped skirt or dress. I just don’t quite like the pattern of the coat.

A nude combination, by Hermès. Très chic!

Oh how I love simple things in life! This is my favorite look, all by Bottega Veneta. Jersey jumpsuit and scarf. Minimal look with major accessory – the necklace. Keep it simple!

Styled by: Barbara Martelo

Photographed by: Thomas Schenk


2 thoughts on “Chanel Iman – Vogue China June 2010

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