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Luís Buchinho is a portuguese designer, very important to the portuguese fashion panorama. Every year he presents his collections in Portugal Fashion and Moda Lisboa (Lisbon Fashion Week) and sometimes even in Paris Fashion Week. Now he is being prestigious with an exposition on the northern capital, Porto, which I’m glad I’ll be attending this week. Here are some of his creations from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection:

“A Galeria Dama Aflita e o designer Luís Buchinho associam-se para comemorar os 20 anos de carreira deste criador fundamental no panorama da moda nacional. Entre 24 de Abril e 29 de Maio, será apresentada ao público uma retrospectiva de trabalhos de ilustração, desenhos e croquis, realizados por Luís Buchinho, desde 1986, data em que ingressa no Citex.”

Nota de apresentação da Galeria Dama Aflita à exposição, no site.

Dama Alflita Gallery and designer Luís Buchinho associate to celebrate the 20 years of career of this fundamental creator to the national fashion scenery. Between April 24th and May 29th, a retrospective of illustration works, draws and sketches made by Luís Buchinho since 1986, year he joint Citex, will be presented to the public.

Presentation note of the gallery to the exposition, on it’s website. Free translation.

Now here are a few photos from the exposition:


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