Meet the inSIDErs – Fashiontoast

This is the first time I’m introducing the fashion blogs I have on my blogroll. Each one of the bloggers on the side bar represent something I like (otherwise I wouldn’t been following them). I like these blogs, because I identify myself to what is written and, of course, because I like their style.

So, the first one of the inSIDErs belongs to a person who is considered one of the most influential bloggers of nowadays, Rumi Neely, living in Fashiontoast.

Rumi is a young California girl and model. She has already been photographed for Elle, Forever 21 magazine and Vogue. On her blog, she likes to post photographs of herself, most of times taken by her boyfriend Colin. I love her sense of style, she was probably my biggest influence during last Winter, when it came to clothes.

Last season she was into black clothes, over the knee socks, high heeled boots, faux fur coats, animal printed patterns and skull rings, now she’s into wedges, black, white, gray, jumpsuits, high-knee socks and skull rings.

I played a little on my Looklet (which I found yesterday right here), and here she is, the way I see her:


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