I have a serious heart problem.

I have a serious heart problem. I really do! I’m enchanted by heart rings, necklaces, braceletes…Everything that has a heart is object of my desire (well…not everything,everything). This is probably because I’m a very romantic person and what other thing could represent love as good as a heart?

I don’t know if it is my subconsciente working but, whenever I see an accessorie with a heart on it, I have to buy it. That’s the reason why this has happened (and believe me, there is a lot missing here):

This was a christmas gift, from my sister in law. She said the hearts represented both my niece and my nephew. 🙂

My most recent purchase. I love it because it also has many hearts and strings.

This is probably my favorite necklace, because it is long and big.

Necklaces are all from Claire’s.

Last but not least, my bracelet. I love it. I bought it last week, in a medieval market. It makes a lot of noise, but it is lovely. Love the fact that it’s golden. It is kind of my charm now. 🙂

The ring marked with a red circle is my next purchase. It belongs to Accessorize Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It could be mine already if it hasn’t sold out so fast. 10th June I will have it! Isn’t it lovely either?


4 thoughts on “I have a serious heart problem.

  1. Continuo a gostar muito do teu blog. Tambem eu gosto de toda a bijuteria e jóias que tenham corações. Ficam bem com roupa mais rock/punk porque adoçam o hard.

  2. carla says:

    You seriously do have a heart problem i must say a very big heart pendant. lol, i like your medieval bracelet a lot. your whole heart collection is so wonderful, in the near future if you get a new heart accessory then keep posting it on the blog along which place you got it from. i was wondering do you have these heart pendants in your collection,if not then get one as i did and it really looks good

    • sequingown says:

      Hello, Carla, welcome to my liitle blog!:)
      Thank you for comment, I’m glad you like my yet little collection!:) Do you have a collection either?

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