Vogue women – Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld is the editor of the French Vogue and is considered by many people the most stylish woman in the world. The editor seems to be so important that some people say her style has already been copied to the runways.

She says jeans are something she only wears when she’s on holiday, because it they “fit” her age and she describes her style as “quite classic with an edge”. Carine mixes grown-up pieces with edgy clothes.

I like to wear high heels with sweatpants, to wear white shoes in the middle of winter. I love when things are not quite going together.

Carine Roitfeld

Like Giovanna Battalia, she says the way you mix clothes is very important, such as your attitude your shoes and your hair.

Bondage shoes, fur coats and animal prints (especially snake) are three things she likes.

Her dark-eye make-up is due to her period working with Tom Ford (on the right pic below).

When it comes to clothes, she prefers black.

A belt can make a look and a skirt shall be slim and just on the knee are two of her statements.

Note: Even though Carine has a great role in the fashion world, the search for information about her style was tough. That’s why this post is smaller than the other two. Plus, today it was impossible for me to search for new things, so you can count on more posts about her.


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