Love it or hate it: Jessica Alba for Elle Korea

Here’s Jessica Alba, for Elle Korea June 2010.

When I say love it or hate it, I’m not talking about Alba, because, of course she is adorable. I’m also not talking about the pick of the wardrobe, because  stylist Choi Soon Young did a great job with Valentino’s, Thakoon, Mark Jacobs, McQueen, Balmain, Burberry and Haider Ackerman.

It’s just that the photo shoot is to boring, too much something we’ve already seen, too basic. Like I said, Jessica is adorable but the photographer Lee Do Kyu could have done something more creative. They could, for example, have left the studio. This is not exactly what we were expecting to see, for the return of Jessica Alba, especially if we think that the Korean magazines (asian magazine in general) are increasingly at the forefront with regard to fashion and fashion editorials.

I repeat, the styling is awesome!


One thought on “Love it or hate it: Jessica Alba for Elle Korea

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gosto da 3ª foto, porque a posição revela uma silhueta interessantíssima do conjunto. De resto concordo contigo…Boooring!


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