Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 10/11

So this is the first review I’m making from all (maybe not all, but the ones which matter) the fall/winter collections. I decided to start with Stella McCartney because her resort collection has been on my mind since I first saw it. I loved it!

Vogue defined her collection as “clean, polish and chic” and I couldn’t agree more, these are proper adjectives. Stella didn’t lost her elegance not even in the mini skirts. Lots of legs on the catwalk, but still no sign of flatness or lack of taste.

Total looks raised minimal looks to another level and the superposition of pieces created a new kind of chicness.

Now let’s look at some of the pieces she presented on the runway.

Coats opened and closed the show. Double-breasted or with little details that make the difference, but always very structured and sober.

One of the trends that returned to the catwalks this spring will remain for the next season: sporty look is here to stay.

In a collection marked by sophistication in the construction of pieces, suits couldn’t be missing.

These two looks are a bit similar and they represent very well the color palette, which was mostly composed by black and gray.

Some pieces had a very strong graphic facet.

Bright colors also popped-up in the form of an orange pleated dress, an orange one shoulder train dress, a very fuchsia  top/sequin shorts combination and a fucshia train dress. We will definitely see those two train dresses in a red carpet ceremony somewhere!

Exceptional the choice of fabric and materials. It’s impressive how they looked bright and shine as the models were walking on the catwalk.

Cocktail dresses were abundant. Whether one shoulder dresses or strapless, whether black or rapture rose (certainly one of the most important colors for the fall/winter palette), they were all very elegant.

And still the transparencies. The sheer organza is the most important feature to retain from this collection. It appears sometimes in little details, like the hem, sometimes like a second dress and (if we could see the back of the dress from the right) sometimes attached to the back of the dress.

I loved these two pieces. I love the sand tone, I love the sheer organza detail on the neck line and hem of the dress, and I love love love this big cardigan wore as a dress. Definitely my favorite piece!


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