Dior Fall 2010 Collection

So far I have analyzed five fall collections (which I will post these days) and this is one of my favorites.

John Galliano knows how to show what his inspiration is for Dior‘s collections and how to keep things polished and elegant. Ladylike silhouettes and long skirts and dresses are something to retain from this.

Starting with the color palette, this collection has a lot of sandy (brown, bordeaux) and soft tones, like  gray and white.

Black also appears to show some kind of goth inspiration. Hair and makeup of the models also highlight this mood.

Although, the biggest inspiration for this collection, seems to be the equestrian world, represented especially by the plaids in coats and blazers and also on the cut of the pieces.

Put on a plaid jacket, high-knee boots with your pants inside and a boy cap and your prepared to ride a horse!

Of course leather is one material that could not be left out, if you’re into equestrian things, whether in a ruffled dress or in a long coat, which reminds me the 18th century a lot.

Ruffles were a constant, especially in long dresses and skirts, but also in a beautiful floral print short dress which, of course, was one of my favorites. The ruffled dresses were also a sort of lingerie nightdresses, made for the red carpet.

This is probably one of the first biggest trend to report for the Fall collections: knitting or, as Vogue likes to call it, sweater dressing. I’ve seen this in all the other 4 collections, and now here it is again.


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