Festival days

With the hot days come the summer festivals and with them the same questions a woman always asks: what should I wear?
Inspired in those days, I’ve created this look on Looklet.com.

Here are some other festival looks you might also like to see:

And here’s a set of tips:

– As you can see, my favorite outfit always includes shorts. Of course you can always replace them for a short dress (like the last pic). I think boots look perfect, but if you think they’re too warm, you can replace them for flat sandals: above all, shoes have to be comfortable.

– The fabric of the clothes has to be light because of the heat, and if you want to, you can take a hat, to protect your head. No clutches or handbags, a cross body bag is the ideal, because it’s more practical to carry.

– Sunglasses are imperative and don’t forget to put lots of sunscreen!

– Of course, if the concerts will last until the evening, do not forget to take a sweater.


2 thoughts on “Festival days

  1. sara says:

    ahaah boa 😉

  2. zeto says:

    hit that! :b

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