Alexander McQueen 2010 Resort Collection

Since Sarah Burton started to work for the Alexander McQueen brand, we’ve only seen what she did for men, now we can also see how she works for the ladies. I must say I am completely amazed by what she has done so far. She’s not McQueen, but she did a great job in maintaining his aesthetics and that is truly important, because, when it comes to McQueen, it’s all about aesthetics!

About this Cruise collection, she said to WWD she wanted to ““juxtapose the pale and the delicate with the bold and armorial. It’s about a highly structured torso that gives way to a more fluid silhouette or drop waists that lead to a finned trouser or skirt.”

It’s crystal clear she gave the same emphasis on the shoulders that McQueen gave to his models, the same inspiration in the samurai warriors and the bold looks she mentioned. Like McQueen, she also plays with texture.

I can defenitely see McQueen in all of this.

See other collectons here.


2 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen 2010 Resort Collection

  1. .:S says:

    Esta é capaz de ser a colecção que mais se assemelha ao meu estilo!


  2. A colecção está fantástica! Boa escolha na pessoa de Sarah Burton.

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