4 days out.

No, unfortunately I’m not going on vacation in the next 4 days, but I wish I was. A few days ago, a friend of my told me she was going for a journey of 4 days and I spend part of the afternoon talking to her about what she should take and what I would take. After some time talking about this, this is what I came up with, inspired by the conversation.

(Did this set on Polyvore)

These would be some of my choices. With the hot summer, all I can think is shorts, shorts, shorts. It’s been so hot these days, and shorts are always so practical and look good with everything. And I matched them with a tank a ruffled romantic little blouse which, by the way, is my favorite piece in the whole set.

It’s summer, so the bikini couldn’t stay out. I liked these two because of the motifs: one is nautical, the other with flower prints. Their shapes are my favorite for this summer (I bough two just like these).

Then jeans, of course. Denim is a big trend for Summer, like it was in Spring , and jeans are just a classic. I’ve been matching jeans with t-shirts and floral printed tops, because it looks fresh and trendy. Embellished t-shirts (whether with tulle, bows or flowers) are perfect to use with jeans, because they are simple most of times, so we need to use something that pops to the sight.

Cardigans have become my above all must-have. They fit in every season and always look good with everything I wear. Essential in every summer suitcase.

Sunglasses and a cute tote bag are also very, very important. It is important to protect your eyes from the sun and UV’s and a nice bag can change a whole look. I chose this one, because it is very similar to mine.


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