I kiss better than I cook.

Well, don’t ask about the title of this post, because it has nothing to do to what I’m about to show you, except for the fact that I saw the statement and thought it would look good in the picture (literally!). 🙂

When I have some spare time, I like to constroy looks like this one on Polyvore. Once I’ve been having extra spare time these last days, I’ve been spending lots and lots of time doing this.

I feel like this set is very me, because it is something I could wear: both of the looks. On one hand we haver a very polished look, composed by a white dress (kind of the new black dress), a clutch, high heels (of course) and my favorite nail polish color. This summer, I’ve been chosing a lot more neutral colors to put on my nails, more descrete and less vibrant, but I like it.

On the other hand we have something that is completly me: like I said before, this croped top is just lovely and something I would loooove to have. It is just PERFECT. With this hot weather, I don’t like to use a lot of accessories, but I always use at least a bracelet and a ring. Something colorful and happy. As for the bags, I prefer tote bags, they look good both with flats or high heels.


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