Louis Vuitton and Prada: the collections

I’m a bit of a save the best for last person, so I’ve been keeping these two collections (my favorites) on my to-do list. Now I think it’s time to go forward.

I decided to put Louis Vuitton and Prada in the same post for obvious reasons: both collections extol the femininity, ladylike silhouettes and feminine shapes, especially breast, hips and waist, both were inspired by the 50’s and the 60’s and, in my opinion, both of them characterize the biggest trends for the Fall/Winter of 2010.


The change everybody is talking about, occurred even during the process of selection of the models who would be on the runway. Laetita Casta, Bar Rafaeli and Elle Macpherson, curvilinear and not so young models, who usually stay out the runway because of their voluptuous forms were chosen exactly becaus of this. Marc Jacobs wanted real women, to celebrate feminine curves.

Corseted dresses and circle skirts were what we saw more, sometimes in soft tones, like lilac and pink, others in black, gray and brow.

As for the Speedy, the iconic bag of the Vuitton brand, it was reinterpreted: different colors from what we’re used to see, elongated, flat, for all tastes.

The shoes were marked by large bows on the front and the heel not too high.

I have to say these two sets were the most surprising for me. Two tweed suits with circle skirts and pockets on the jackets. I love them. I didn’t notice them until I downloaded the photos but now they are seriously two of my favorite sets from the whole show.

Plaids and floral prints haven’t been forgotten.

The gowns looked amazing! These three were my favorite: it’s like couture on a Fall collection. You can’t see it here, but the back of the third dress is awesome and the one in the middle has already been picked by Maggie Gyllenhaal to an awards ceremony.


The range of materials in the Prada runway was widely varied. To prove is this type of leather (?) in an coat and an A-line skirt (the A-line is a big trend for Fall and is a sequel of the 50’s and 60’s) and the wool above the knee socks (another big trend for the season) mixed in a single look.

Prints in different colors and wide dresses (that sometimes can be mistaken with coats) and skirts characterized a show were models like Dotzen Kroes and Lara Stone shone more than ever. Again, we’re talking about models that are know by their curves and not by its thinness.

Like in Vuitton, the 50’s and 60’s inspirations could be seen head-to-toe: wide skirts, emphasis on the waist and breast, in little hair accessories like ribbons, above the knee socks and kitten-heels.

Speaking of kitten-heels, Prada might even have dictated the end of the fetish shoes: high heels and stilettos with the with the rescue of these typically low and pointed shoes.

You’ve already seen the first set. No wonder that the devil wears Prada, look at these knitting sets! It’s amazing the way a single slim belt can change and turn a simple knit sweater into a great outfit. I love the first two looks.


2 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton and Prada: the collections

  1. André Gomes says:

    Hi! I simply love this blog. I follow it a very long time and it’s my favourite fashion blog. I will tell to Vogue’s masters to hire you! 😛

    Kisses, from a fan 😛

  2. Melissa says:

    I prefere LV clothes, and I prefer Prada shoes and accesories.
    I’m with you, these are the biggest collections of the season, they’re in everysingle editorial.

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