Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Day 1 (September 9)

Nicholas K

A very military inspiration on the runway, the first day. Too bad it was a little collection when it comes to female pieces.

Richard Chai Love

Confort is the word that instantly comes to my mind when I see this. This collection is very coherent when it comes to colors, textures and shapes. Love the fabrics, they’re floating.


Nautical and military influences were very present in this show, in skirts, dresses and even dresses. Ladylike silhouette in a collection where silk reigned. It was one of the most interesting collections of the day, the one that could be analyzed more deeply: it’s not everyday you mix military and silk in the same look.

Christian Siriano

This is probably my favorite collections. Still not quite sure.I liked the little white dresses – the collection has a lot of these – the patterns were very interesting and the 3rd dress is really amazing. Plus, the 4th dress reminds me of a sea coral – I just don’t know if it wasn’t a little bit too much…


The futuristic look of the hairstyle was only contradicted by the 70’s inspiration. This was the collection that I liked least, except for these three looks. Almost every model came with a belt.

Photos via and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


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