Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Day 5 (September 13)

Carolina Herrera

Carolina presented one of the most creative collections on the runway. According to the designer, her inspiration came from two things: traditional Korean clothes, which was very present in the straw hats and botanical plates collected in the 18th century, very well represented in flower prints, which sometimes came with descriptions and names of the flowers.

Orange and pink were the only bright colors on the catwalk.

The gowns were sinply amazing.

Diesel Black Gold

No jeans in this collection was the biggest surprise we could get. Instead, leather took denim’s place and covered almost every body on the catwalk. The desert inspiration was represented in floating and airy fabrics and sand colors.

Donna Karan

Entitled Raw Romance, this collection was marked by sandy and tan tones in wrinkled looks.

Brazilian Alexandre Herchcovitch was a breath of fresh air. In the middle of all the champaign, black, white, etc. he was the only one courageous enough to make a collection full of colors: green, fuchia and peach were the most seen. Vogue talked about it as “splotches of paint in pastel palette”.

Betsey Johnson

Le Tour de Betsey took us to some kind of circus to nautical inspired suits. Funny, but with a lack of a bigger taste.


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