Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: final day (September 16)


It’s case to say Gwen Stefani nailed it again.

As a review, we might not have a lot more to say than plaids and prints, but that is not as simple as you might think. As Stefani herself said after the show, prints are not easy to do or use, so you have to know how to do them. And she did.

Her prints had some Afro inspiration on them and plaids appeared in total looks.

Ralph Lauren

It’s western revisited when it comes to Ralph Lauren Spring collection. Altough, if when I say western, you thought brown, you were wrong. White was the color (at most we saw a little blue and silver) and even plaids where less seen. This is a new west, Hilfiger created. Friges were there, such as belt-buckles, but the pieces had a feminine touch.

Calvin Klein

Francisco Costa’s collection for Calvin Klein screams minimalism – architectural minimalism, as it was called in

White, white, black, blue, white and a single red dress  in satin dresses composed the show where, once again, less was more.

Click Boys & Girls of New York Fashion Week SS2011 from Justin Wu on Vimeo, to see a few final images of the fashion week.


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