Jil Sander Spring 2011

In case you don’t know, you might actually be looking to the collection which is already considered by many editors, the best of the Spring 2011 season.

The show started in a minimal mood, with white in total look in a fitted top and long skirt, which composed the key-look of the show. The long blue dress is also very characteristic and representative.

It looks like all the colors that were avoid in New York Fashion Week fled to Jil Sanders shown in Milan Fashion Week.

Raf Simons himself described the amount as a “mille-feuille of color” and, in case you’re wondering what was his inspiration, it is supposed to be Yves Saint Laurent, who is known by using lots of colors in his creations. Bright colors filled skirts, dresses and even suits. Pink pants and purple blazers, black pants, orange blazers and an overcoat, everything was possible when it came to mixing colors. No rules, unrestricted.

Pink, green, blue, orange, purple and red were the most seen.

Apart from colors, Jil Sander definitely took flower prints to a whole new level in his Spring collection. Whether in a long dress fully printed, splashes of flower or a floral printed skirt in a ladylike silhouette, he rocked the print. I love what he did here. Plus, look how floaty the dresses and skirts are. They’re moving right and left with the models.

First picture, one of my favorite dresses.

And then there were also stripes, still in skirts and floating dresses. The one in the middle is dreamy, another of my faves. I love the nautical vibe in the white/blue combination. The models look super tall in these dresses.

There is a trend for the next spring which is becoming more and more a statement: floating long dresses will dominate our wardrobe and will certainly be one of the must-haves of the season.

Nobody would slip into red carpet with this long orange dress.

Even though the biggest part of the clothes were minimal and as such, simply constructed with few or no details, there still was room for ruffles.

But the thing that caught the eye were really the plastic bags the models were carrying along with the bags with the Jill Sander signature. I bet a lot of people would buy them if they were also for sale. Are they?


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