D&G Spring 2011

The garden seemed to be the biggest inspiration for D&G Spring 2011 collection. The invitations let people prevent what was about to come (there were even seeds on the inside).

The inspiration was especially present in flower prints, which filled dresses, shorts, skirts and even shoes, giving everything a country but yet chic vibe. The bags were basket shaped and sometimes models wore galoshes- what could be more garden than that?

Guided to a more young public, contrary to Dolce & Gabbana, this show was full of playful and fun pieces, like playsuits and boho outfits.

Denim wasn’t the most worked fabric, contrary to last year spring collection of the brand. Still, this dress and pants appeared like an homage.

Also brought from the last spring collection, were the Disney characters. This time, the chosen on was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

And once again, reminiscences of lace in skirts and tops. One of my favorite dresses is the lace one, on the right.

The gingham dresses and head scarves, gave models a country look, only vexed by the fineness of fabrics and the cut of the pieces.

Vogue discrebed the pieces below as “red and white picnic blanket-check dresses” and I couldn’t agree more. These patterns remind me of a picnic on a sunny day. Although, those were the looks I liked less.

Ruffles were used to embellish dresses, again remembering last spring’s collection.

Ending the show, the two creators presented a set of long floating dresses, with ruffles and raffia belts, where the bohemian chic style was very well represented. I can totally see myself wearing any of these.


One thought on “D&G Spring 2011

  1. This collection is amazing, i love yout blog

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