Millan Fashion Week Collections

A variety of colors like white, black, gray, several shades of blue, lavender and pastels made its way to Fendi’s. Airy and casual clothes distanced sometimes from Lagerfelds signature. Thin belts cropped the waist that was meant to be slim.

Think jungle, then think horses and Amazons…If you put all of this together, you’ll have a slightest idea about what happened in Cavalli’s show. Croco and snake skins were the chosen materials to the laced pants. Sequins and crystals created a new dimension in a second layer that supplemented dresses and tops.

Friges were all over as if they were a continuation of the long and straightened hair of the models. It was quite a show!

However, if you look at this as a big picture, thing you can actually see above, you might notice the looks were a bit repetitive: same silhouettes, same embellishments, same lengths.

Missoni took a mental journey to Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, Africa, Vietnam and brought back caftans, tunics and acid colors.

The boho looks were completed with prints that were sometimes designed with tribal, others with geometric/graphic shapes.

“Rigor with sensuality”, said Donatella Versace, about this colletion and she actually meant it. Away from airy and floating silhouettes that characterized many spring shows, Versace opted to flatter women’s curves with tight cocktail dresses in black, red, white, turquoise and prints.

Printing the logo of the house in the dresses could be a danger, but it also turned out fine and you almost couldn’t notice it in a black leather above the knee dress.

And in the end there was a set of marvelous dresses, embellished with fringes, which gave a lot of movement to the pieces.


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