Chanel vs. Dior Spring/Summer 2011

I can’t help comparing these two Houses, because to me, they are the most historical, most influencial and probably the most important labels in the fashion world. They both charted a path made of success and collected unavoidable names (who will ever forget Coco Chanel or Christian Dior?), both have made to keep the lines of the first designers whithout getting caught by routine or stuck back in time and they both marked the history of fashion in a way that no other house was able to do.

That’s why I decided to review both collections at the same time, altough, when it comes to concepts, they’re both very different.

Turned into a big garden, with fountains, and with an orchestra of 80 musicians (and the same number of models), the building became a scenary for a big show. Explaining this scenery is the 1961 movie Last Year At Marienbad: motto and inspiration for Chanel‘s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The concept was not only reflected in the environment selected for the implementation of the show, but also in the clothes of the models. Black lace dresses remembered those Chanel designed for Delphine Seyrig, main character of the movie.

The usual tweed and the classic suit – this time with A line jackets and 3/sleeves- didn’t stay out of the show and are becoming more and more classics, but there were a few news for Chanel’s House. Floral prints in chiffon pieces, new fabrics and especially clippings on clothes gave the collection an unfinished vibe we have never seen  in such polish and elegant clothes from the brand so far.

Galliano’s collection for Dior‘s Spring/Summer had nothing to do with Lagerfeld’s. Starting with the fresh and youthful pieces, which by the way were the opposite of what Galliano did the last two seasons.

The island theme took me on a trip to the Caribbean and how good would I look there in Hawaiian prints, short dresses and a sailor cap, with a flower necklace! During the show it seemed like a bunch of nautical sailors had escaped from a distant ship.

But this collection also had a boudoir touch and a 50’s flavor which was improved by the cat eye sunglasses, very trendy, by the way. Sometimes the girls could also be confused with the biggest pin-ups of the 50’s, with their bangs and their hair resting on the shoulders.


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