Anna Dello Russo.

Can’t nobody start at the top.

Anna Dello Russo for W Magazine.


“Yes, I was invisible! I was a beginner, first of all, and secondly I was a hard worker. At the time I didn’t have time to show off. I spent all my time and energy learning about photography, about shooting, about modeling. I didn’t ever think to dress up or put make up on myself because I was just working as much as I could to understand fashion and the images of fashion. I worked with the best photographers in the world, if I was next to Helmut Newton, I couldn’t think about hair and make up on myself! I was such a beginner, but I believe everything comes at the right time. That’s why I always say to young people now, visibility and blogging and all of that, it is not enough; don’t think this is the work. That is a beginning, it is a starting point. After that you have to put your energy into the job, and not just in parties and showing up to shows. I never used to come to New York for the shows, it was always only Paris. I remember, if Franca would take us to Paris, it was an incredible season. We didn’t have time to go and see the shows. I remember thinking, those people are so lucky to sit on the bench! After the shows in Paris, we would always work right away”.


Anna should be an inspiration for everyone who loves and believes in fashion, because she  is such a great example. She started at the bottom and now she is on top of the fashion scene. And she made it working hard. Dreams do come true when we fight for them.


3 thoughts on “Anna Dello Russo.

  1. I enjoyed reading this. When you see photos of her, you get such a different impression. But I don’t doubt that it took immense work to get to her position at Vogue Nippon.

    • sequingown says:

      Undoubtedly! Things don’t come out of nothing, we have to fight for what we want. That’s the reason why it feels so good to read things like these. It’s the proof that some people’s dreams do come true.

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