Leighton Meester, Marie Claire December 2010

Leighton Meester always appears impecably dressed in the tv serie Gossip Girl and now she did a photo shoot for the December issue of Marie Claire magazine.  So, in the beauty section of this magazine, you’ll be able to see Leighton more beautiful than you’ve ever seen her.

Photos by Christophe Meimoon, styled by Lisa Oxenham.

She is my favorite character in Gossip Girl, if I could have Blair’s wardrobe, I would live happily ever after. But in real life, her style is also very polished. Here are a few pictures, so you can get inspired.

Leighton is a constant presence in parties.

When it comes to Blair’s wardrobe, they prefer a more classic style. Kitten heels, elegant coats and capes, head pieces or hats and gloves are usually part of her outfits.

She’s got a nice body, so in her everyday life, she wears a lot of shorts and short dresses.

Very casual,  but still cute. Heels are constant.



2 thoughts on “Leighton Meester, Marie Claire December 2010

  1. Vi says:

    ADORO A LEIGHTON!! AMEI A PRODUÇÃO p a marie claire

  2. WASHMACH says:



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