Celine VS. Chloé

To me, Celine and Chloé are like masters of the minimalism and when I think of one, I have to think on the other. Not that they’re the same or incomparable, because they’re two different brands, each one with it’s identity, but because I put them in the same brand type.


For the next Spring season, Celine played a lot with fabrics, which  is new about her. Light leather, denim, canvas, silks, Phoebe Philo seems to be exploring new paths on minimalism.

This collection was considered by Style.com as very artisanal. I consider it very tailored and straight. With rigid and geometric shapes very characteristic when it comes to Philo’s.

V-necklines in tunics (which had a major importance in the collection) and dresses, where thite, ivory and black reigned.


As for Chloé, there was much beige and khaki.

The inspiration was mostly military, with big pockets and thin belts.

Flats were everywhere over the wave of high heels that were presented in the biggest part of the spring collections.

To me, the most wow thing, was the denim outfit (pants and shirt). Not that I can say it was my favorite, but certainly the most surprising and unexpected one.

Chiffon dresses seemed strategically placed in the end, to cut the military vibe and introduce a softer one.

The biggest critic to do, in my opinion, relates to the capes and ponchos, which were presented in large numbers and got me thinking…is this collection about spring or winter?


2 thoughts on “Celine VS. Chloé

  1. Milla says:

    Oh, how can a woman choose between 2 amazing labels!? What a great set of images.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Cris says:

    I think that Celine is more about atitude…Chloé is more soft and young…

    I like them both…but i actually prefer Chloé as it has a more relaxing vibe…

    PS: it’s funny how I associate them too…:)

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