MTV Europe Music Awards

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about award ceremonies and I missed it. The MTV Europe Music Awards happened last night and even though this is not The red carpet ceremony, there were some interesting gowns (and others not so interesting!).

Eva Longoria, host of the EMA’s in a black George Hobeika Spring 2011 dress, paired with black hot pants. She proved she still has the legs to pull this look. Not sure if it’s the most appropriate anyway.

On the other hand, miss Momsend here doesn’t seem to worry at all about what is or is not appropriate, since she appeared in barely more than underwear: a push-up bra, a dog collar, something which I believe to be a skirt and a pair of boots. Humm…

Miley Cirus in Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010, not quite sure if she pulled this off very well…she could have picked something more fresh, according to her age, but I’m just glad she had some clothes on.

Kate Perry expelled happiness from every pore, but I didn’t like this red sequined dress, from Jeremy Scott‘s Spring 2011 collection.


To me, the biggest surprise of the evening was Rihanna, wearing a Marchesa Spring 2011 gown. But it was not any dress, it was my favorite in the whole collection. She might even have exaggerated such was her elegance for the occasion. I would just changer her hair color and it would all be perfect.


Then I did a little research about her and I also liked to see her wearing this other dress, from the same collection, a few months ago.



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