Last Weekend

Last weekend I went to a cool place named “Casa Da Reina”, in the north of Portugal, to spend some quality time with my bf. It was great. Lots of rest and love are still the perfect ingredients for a perfect weekend.

Then I decided it was about time to publish some pictures of mine. Hope you like it!

The house looked just like and old castle.

The garden was well maintained. The grass was impeccable and there were lots of trees.

This was our bedroom. Love the vintage furniture.

The garden was full of pieces made of stone, sculpted by the owner himself and it had this old well that’s got me thinking of princess’s histories.

Our bedroom was the second door.

Loving this picture with the flowers and the pool. Too bad it’s Autumn.

I had to take a picture of the pattern of the curtains because it was so representative of the culture of the region.

Me: on our way to have lunch with our friends and a picture taken by the bf before we left. Wearing Zara knit coat and scarf, Mango skinny jeans, H&M sweater and Stradivarius fur bag.


Pictures of me by the bf. Find these pictures of the house (retouched by moi-même) and a lot more here.


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