1000 Roses.

Amazing. It was the first thing I thought  when I saw this.

Roses are my favorite flower and gowns my favorite piece. When I was little I wanted to be a princess and I believe a great part of my love for dresses comes from my childhood. I usually say the only reason why I would get married is because of the wedding  gown (ahah!) – all of this just to explain why this photo shoot from Singapore Brides Fashion looks so amazing to me.


Photographer – Zhang Jingna

Models – Julia Valimaki, Sasha Luss and Zivile Cibaite

Hair – Andrea Claire

Editor – Fazillah Abdul Gaffa

Make up – Dewi Mahoney

Photography assistants: Karin Xiao, Jacob Tan Yin Qi and Z Han

Hair Styling assistant – Blaire Walmsley

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


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