Green coats on sunny days.

As I said here, yesterday I spent the morning shopping. I went out looking for some knits, especially sweater, but I ended up only with coats. I have serious troubles when I have to focus on what I need.

Today, I decided to do this outfit post, to show you one of my purchases. Well actually, this one is a gift.

The pictures were taken at the university where I took my international relations degree. Wearing an H&M coat and sweater with zipped boots and bag.


2 thoughts on “Green coats on sunny days.

  1. Audrey says:

    Gift or not this is a pretty coat!
    I thought I was the only one having troubles finding things I need and finishing with useless, or things I don’t absolutely need!! Glad to know it’s the same for you!! HAHA
    I think I never told you this but I really like your hair! It’s so wild so crazy!! really cute

    • Sequin Gown says:

      It’s hard to always come home with something you don’t need.:)
      Thank you, it’s really hard to keep my hair “together” and thank you for being such a good reader!=)

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