Spring 2011 trends – Bold Colors

It’s impossible for anyone not no have noticed the explosion of colors that invaded the catwalks in the spring shows. Gucci dared to mix purple with green, Nina Ricci opted for softer and feminine colors like pink and yellow and Prada…well, Prada had them all.

Use and abuse! This spring, every piece needs to have bright, bold and neon colors. Mix colorful pieces with nude shades or, if you are more daring, use them in total looks, like in Max Mara’s show.


Nina Ricci


Max Mara

(Above:) The emblematic red dress at Lanvin‘s show, orange in Carolina Herrera, yellow at Chanel, green at Burberry Prorsum, blue at Fendi‘s and fuchsia in Lanvin. These are the key colors.

In my opinion, the most shocking combinations were pink/red and pink/orange. Louis Vuitton (left) and Sportmax (right) had both (see pictures below).

By conceiving these pieces, designers called the attention to colors over fabrics. It is not about fabrics anymore. The colors are now the main feature. Although, if you are the kind of person who likes to go unnoticed without ceasing to be elegant, you can opt for neutral and more discrete colors, like nude (which filled Chloé’s most beautiful pieces) or the eternal white we saw in Versace, Calvin Klein and the perfect white colletion from Dolce & Gabbana.

Chloé Spring 2011

From left to right: Versace, Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana (undoubtedly one of my favorite spring collections)


2 thoughts on “Spring 2011 trends – Bold Colors

  1. SR says:

    Definitivamente prefiro a segunda versão, o último vestido da Chloé é maravilhoso!! Mas também gosto bastante do 2º Gucci, 1º Lanvin, e do Herrera. 🙂


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