Portugal fashion, day 2.

So, unfortunately, I had to skip Portugal Fashion‘s first night. Although, I definitely made it up last night, in the second night of the event. I saw the three shows of the night: Katty Xiomara, Ana Salazar and my beloved Portuguese designers Alves/Gonçalves.

I loved everything: the shows, the environment, the company. I had a lot of fun with my girls (that are also my working colleagues) – Vi and Ni.

Katty Xiomara, a young portuguese designer, presented a very romantic collection. Lots of black and white, gray, knee high socks, brights and capes. I especially liked the two polka dot maxi dress and tunic, the lace and the transparencies and the hot pants, that were reeeally short. I just’s wasn’t very into the shiny silver shoes, but I found the hats a real treat.

Ana Salazar, a real fashion veteran opened the show with the coat I want to wear next winter. Green and very cozy with a perfect cut. A special note to a pair of sheer maxi dresses that were real killers. Lots of sheer and transparencies giving a soft touch that was only just cut by the studs on the black shoes. The hair was very good too.

Alves/Gonçalves are my favorite Portuguese creators. They are very avant-garde and their clothes look always very modern and contemporary. Something you can actually wear and look good to go wherever you want. I only took one picture of the show, but I think this one says it all, because those were my favorite looks.

The collection was amazing: very geometric and minimalistic. With lots of bright colors, like red and blue. I loved the hats, and the maxi dresses with round necklines in the back. Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph the last dress, the one that closed the show. It was AMAZING.

In the middle of all this emotion, I even had time to go to the backstage (pictures later) and to photograph an amazing model: Fabiana Tavares. She has a great facial structure and her eyes are great.

Tonight, there is more and I’m very excited.

*the environment*the crowd of photographers*3 to 5. Katty Xiomara*6 to 9.Ana Salazar* Alves/Gonçalves*Gorgeous model Fabiana Tavares*Me and the girls*at the Sic Woman wall*

Wearing Stradivarius red pants, Mango shirt (thank you, Ni) and heart necklace.


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