Random stuff.

Wow!It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’m really sorry for the lack of activity. I’ve been busy and having some personal issues.

I would love to be able to do an outfit post with all of these things in the pictures, but it won’t be possible, so I decided that I should, at least take some photos, so you can see some of the purchases I did these past days.

I finally found the silver Casio I’ve been looking for some time. It was quite a catch. Been wearing a lot of colorful rings, especially jade and pink.

This is my favorite. It’s made  of wood, with a pink stone.

I finally found the black tote I’ve been searching for so long. This goes with everything. I can already imagine it with many many outfits.

Went out to buy jeans and came home with this navy cute corsage. Isn’t it lovely?

This clutch had to come home with me too, it was too cute to be left alone, plus it will look great with the corsage.

Don’t they look lovely together?:)

Here’s another thing I haven’t been doing in a while either: buy a magazine (and actually read it!). I decided I should get back on track and started by buying the July issue of Marie Claire UK.

If only you could see what I literally went through to have it! Ah ah!

I’ll try to come back more often next week, don’t forget about me!:)


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