Sunset at the Castle



Last Saturday night I went out with the girls to a party in an old Castle in the city. Even though the name of the party was Sunset in the Castle, we only arrived at night. The party was great and I had lots of fun with two of my best friends Maria and Ana. I wore a blue dress , my little pendant necklace and I did my best to do this fish-bone braid you can see in the next picture.

I also took my brand new maxi clutch, which is perrrrfect!

With my brand new red lipstick. I love red lips when I go out at night.Here’s the full outfit:

The castle was amazing with all the lights around it. It had this mystical vibe.

Me with Ana and Catarina, her friend.

My braid very detailed. I’m very proud, I did it myself! 🙂

Maria was great with her shorts and her white top. I love her bag and look at her ring!

A look at the party from above. It certainly was crowded.





2 thoughts on “Sunset at the Castle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Olá, recebi o comentário no blogue, também não encontrei e mail disponível aqui na página, mas deixei o e- mail e deixo aqui de novo: , podes enviar para lá, nice blue dress 😉

  2. Ana says:

    You look amazing.. as usual 🙂 ly

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