One show, five looks: Prada SS’12

We are used to love Prada because, you know…it’s Prada. But unlike other big designers, Miuccia has the gift to re-invent fashion season after season.

A few looks are more than enough to make a statement for the Spring about to come.

Tube tops, especially made to show your belly – like  a pin-up – paired with pencil skirts, whether printed or in soft pastel colours, like pink, vanilla, lilac or salmon.

This swimsuit will definitely be a must for next season. Remember the 50’s?

Pleated skirts were all over. We all should try the combo: pastel blue/burgundy.

The next it-dress, already on Vogue covers. Dresses with elasticated waists were the most seen on the collection.

Patterns were either soft, like the one on the coat above or memorable. Who would dare having a cartoon or a flame drawn on a satin piece?

Rhinestones in the shoulders of the coats, shoes that looked more like hot (w)heels (picture below) and heart-shaped necklines marked the show with a collection that could easily be taken from a child’s imaginary.

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