Blogger’s Meeting (#1)

I had my first blogger’s meeting this weekend in Oporto, Portugal. There were mainly fashion and beauty bloggers but also bloggers from different categories. I have to say that it was a lot more funnier than I though it would be, since I only knew one of the girls.  Of course there were lots of fashion talking and pictures – those were the main ingredients for dinner – but it is great to see that fashion girls also have a lot to say about politics or economy. (No, I’m not someone who believes in stereotypes, but people keep thinking that fashionable people are never smart enough to talk about these subjects).

Mandatory: the “family” picture

Sofia from O Meu Eu Laranja (My Orange Self) did this amazing clutch that reminded me a lot of theses ones.

And here she is with her DIY necklace made of feathers and flowers.

The lovely Aida from Bits n’Pieces

Nádia from My Fashion Insider, a neon lover and singer in her spare times! 😉

Filipa, from the The HF Blog and her transparent handbag (I secretly felt in love with this bag).

Maria João from Placebo Effect (on the left) had this amazing hat. Too bad I couldn’t photograph her with it.

The other Maria João, from Cupcakes, High Heels, Lipstick. Also a pleasure meeting her.

Dinner time.

The sweet Daniela from Ballerina Bird in her pink lace dress.

And her friend and also blogger Luciana, from Lady Readhead.

Me and my coral dress.

P.S.I know I promise to give you more details, about the Good Look Good Luck contest, but I still didn’t manage to do so. Stay tuned, becaused I will have more news this week.


12 thoughts on “Blogger’s Meeting (#1)

  1. Joana Cooper says:

    Minha querida, podes me enviar as fotografias do jantar para publicar no evento?

  2. Aida says:

    Tao giras as fotos!! Venham muitos mais!

  3. Que lindas!
    Muito obrigado pelo carinho.
    Gostei muito de te conhecer. És um amor! 🙂

  4. Maria João says:

    Adoro as fotos [roubei algumas] e gostei, sobretudo, do bocadinho que partilhámos 🙂 Ah, e já fui espreitar o site da empresa mas aquilo não é para o meu bolso. Eu não sou nenhuma princesa das Arábias… Sad…

    Uma beijoca*

  5. O teu vestiro era girissímo! Ficava-te muito bem =)

    • Sequin Gown says:

      Obrigada, Marisa! =)
      Não deu para convivermos mt pk ficamos em cantos opostos, mas no próximo fazemos uma dança de cadeiras, p td a gente se falar! 😉

  6. Papercuts says:

    Oh podias ter dito que eu punha o chapéu só para ti 😛
    Foi um prazer conhecer-te 🙂

  7. Gostava tanto de te ter conhecido princesa! mas teremos outras oportunidades 🙂 ficaste bem rodeada 🙂 todas meninas lindas 😀

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