Trip to Madrid: photo-diary (#1)

I know I didn’t publish anything during the week, but it’s been really hard to go to work everyday and do tons of other things, so I’m sorry for the lack of posts.

Here’s a small photo-diary from my trip to Madrid and there will be more pictures in the next few days.

I really liked these two umbrellas I discover at the Botanical Garden. My first day was a long day. We went to the airport at 4:00AM and we walked all day.

This tree was almost magical. I took dozens of pictures from trees and flowers. I really love gardens.

On the second day, we went out for some window shopping…Look where we end up!

Plaza Mayor. Too bad it rained all day, but it didn’t stop us from taking some pictures.

Another picture taken at the Botanical Garden.

At the airport on the way back.

Mickey and I. I had to take this picture, Mickey was my favorite Disney character. 🙂

Looking a little pin-up at Hard Rock. You gotta love pastels.

Tommy Mel’s, where I ate the most amazing fries ever: with cheese and bacon. This place looked like a perfect American diner.

❤ tulips.

Sunday, at the vintage market.

One of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.

The city centre. I love the life this city has day and night.

My vintage shorts, rocking the “tourist” look. Ahah! :p


8 thoughts on “Trip to Madrid: photo-diary (#1)

  1. Aida says:

    Que inveja, tambem quero!! =P Espero que te tenhas divertido muito!

  2. carla filipa says:

    Adoro esta cidade é perfeita:))
    Comprei os acessórios aqui querida:

  3. Anna C. says:

    Madrid is one of my absolute favorite places! The culture, life and arcitecture are inspiration for fashion and personal style alike. The Plaza de Mayor is stunning!

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