Snow White Series (#1) – Snow White and the Huntsman

I have always been fascinated by Grimm‘s fairy tales, but Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is certainly one of my favorites. When I heard that, this year, we would have not one, but two movies in theaters with almost a brand new story to tell, I have to say I was very excited. As fashion lover, I can’t avoid looking at the wardrobe without analyzing some of the outfits chosen. This post is the first one in a series of three, related to this fairy tale.

Snow White and the Huntsman caught my attention for the wardrobe designed by the three time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, also know for designing the wardrobe for the musical “Chicago”, “Memoirs of a Geisha,” and “Alice in Wonderland” – remember the set of posts I did last year, when the movie came out? (They can be found here: #1, #2 and #3).

No gowns nor pink puffy dresses, the outfits are a lot more sober and in dark shades, especially olive and dark blue. What would Disney‘s Snow White think if she looked at Kristen Stewart‘s grey and black dresses with an armor over her clothes? The single gown she uses in the beginning is cut with a knife and turned into a tunic, while she bravely fights on her horse. The only thing that remained were the puffy shoulders – we don’t want her to completely loose her identity.

The movie has clearly a different approach, away from the common fairytales with an happy ending and the singing princesses – and the wardrobe reflects this. This princess is a warrior who fights for survival, so she has to dress accordingly.

What caught my attention at first, was the fact that the evil queen – the amazing Charlize Theron – wears the most beautiful clothes on the movie. The wow look goes uniquely to Ravenna, the evil queen and, in my opinion, it’s the dress below, with sequins and small glasses.

We never know where the inspiration can be found, but we do know that, last Spring, many collections had this warrior mood on their clothes. This led to many samurai- esque looks, like the one above and the one below, from Gareth Pugh‘s SS’12 collection.

This ring Raveena is wearing also reminds me of Pugh’s jewelry line.

Remember the hardware worn by Beyoncé on the videoclip of “Run the World (Girls)“?

The very first piece that Atwood designed for the film was the queen’s transformation cloak, which had to be constructed early on so that the visual-effects department could digitally convert Ravenna’s cape into a flock of angry crows, a haunting illusion that is teased in trailers. Based on Atwood’s sketch and instructions, a milliner hand-trimmed and mounted rooster’s feathers to the finished product, which cost an estimated $32,000. Ultimately, two cloaks were made, since the script called for Ravenna to completely destroy one in an oil slick. – Source: Vanity Fair

Above one of the scenes from the Movie, where Charlize wears a gold tone long dress and below Alexander McQueen‘s SS’12 dress. Both with embellishments and very detailed.

To make Charlize look even taller Atwood highlighted the bodices, which consequently elongated her silhouette, creating the idea that she is the tallest one and making her character seem even powerful.

Contrary to Kirsten’s Snow White, this evil queen wore lighter clothes, especially gold tones. This cape reminds me of Lord of the Rings mithril, wore by Frodo. Below, another dress from McQueen’s SS’12 collection, with an headpiece that could have easily been worn by this queen.


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