Snow White Series (#2) – Mirror, mirror

Contrary to the Snow White and the Huntsman version, Mirror Mirror has a lot more of a Disney fairy tale. With innocent gowns in joyful colors, Eiko Ishioka, the costume designer has been clearly inspired by the traditional Disney princess.

One of the gowns worn by the princess, with floral pattern.

This yellow cape is probably inspired in the well known yellow and blue gown Snow White wears on the Disney classic.

Lily Collins with her pale skin and red lips, looks exactly like we imagined a Snow White in real life. This dress could have been taken from Oscar de la Renta SS’12 collection. Princess like, soft and feminine.

On the pictures above and below, Oscar de la Renta gowns, from the SS’12 collection.

If, in one hand, Charlize Theron is all black and gold, Julia Roberts is more about bright colors, like red and yellow and big puffy shoulders, with lots of embellishments.

Another picture from Oscar de La Renta SS’12 collection and the huge (it’s the only word that comes to my mind when I look to this picture) dress the evil queen is wearing in one of the scenes.


2 thoughts on “Snow White Series (#2) – Mirror, mirror

  1. Incrivel! os contos da Disney vão muito mais para além das historias que nos encantam, apresentam: estilo, grandeza, glamour, etc
    Gostei muito de ver as prespectivas do teu post
    The Land of Miabelle

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