Snow White Series (#3) – Ballet Preljocaj

And the show goes on even in ballet. The staging of the “Snow White” story with the choreographer Angelin Preljocaj  had the privilege to have Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Leproust-designing all costumes.

Gaultier is not new on the music and dance scene: he was the designer who created the iconic cone bra Madonna wore in her early years as an artist and he is also known for designing Dita Von Teese‘s iconic burlesque corsets.

Don’t expect to see pink tutus and tearas, like the movie Snow White and the Huntsman,  the costumes for the ballet are all about the dark side of the story, with a twist of eroticism.

Above, images from the ballet, with the evil queen wearing a long black and red dress with an headpiece. Below, the same asymmetry and the headpieces on Gareth Pugh‘s collection. Contrary to the other characters, the stepmother is the only one wearing shoes. She wears mostly spiked heels and tigh-high boots.

 “She has a train and a corset, with the effect of blood on the hemline. This is because in her memory, she has some blood. She is primitive, menacing.” , said Jean Paul Gaultier. Source: Washington Post.

The princess being poisoned with an apple in her white pleated dress. The dress, with embellishments on the shoulders, makes her look a lot like a Grecian goddess.  Below, two dresses from Lanvin and Ellie Saab Spring Summer ’12 collections.

“There was something very tender and beautiful between her [Snow White] and the prince. Sensual but beautiful and pure. I try to make an outfit that is white, innocent, in jersey, but that drapes. It’s attached with a kind of elastic you don’t see. It clings to the skin like a . . . a . . . Like a miracle! Like she’s wearing nothing”


One thought on “Snow White Series (#3) – Ballet Preljocaj

  1. Anonymous says:

    The costumes are amazing, especially the dress of the queen. And the green one, love it 🙂

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